Mobile Push Alerts Platform

The Initech Notifications Platform is a centralised, convenient, and free way to keep a large number of people up to date with the information they need to know, pushed straight to their phone reaching audiences anywhere and anytime.

No need to rely on Facebook, Twitter or refreshing websites to get your alerts! Our app is designed to get you relevant information and remove the background noise. We combine hand crafted information feeds with filtering techniques applied to mass information systems to make sure that important messages are not lost and you are not bombarded by unnecessary updates.

Real-time Alerts

COVID-19 Alerts

Simple to Use

Curated Feeds

Unlimited purposes

TT Road Closures


Our app runs on iOS and Android devices and uses push notifications to alert users of messages they need to see. The app can also be used in a corporate setting as it allows organisations to have their own private notification channels and restrict access to only their users.

We monitor many information sources from the Isle of Man Government and other local information sources as well has having notifications created by a team monitoring the local news. We filter out all of the noise from the these sources, so that you wont see pointless notifications just those that affect you.

Instant pop up notifications to your phone

Push notifications are small messages that can reach audiences anywhere and anytime. Frustrated by road closures, adverse weather and roadworks on the Isle of Man? Want to know exactly when the roads open and close during Road Racing? Is the Mountain Road closed for filming? Suddenly closed for an accident? Get real-time alerts of issues on the island helping you plan you plan your travel better.

Messaging Channels

Have your own channel for pushing messages and notifications to recipients. You can configured private channels just to a group of individual subscribers you choose, or a public one everyone can subscribe too

Notification Tracking

Need to know when a notification to your organisation has been downloaded, read or deleted by one of your users? Our portal will show you all the metrics and stats you need.

Twitter and RSS monitoring technology

Our platform can monitor a data feed and filter for important information. Whether it’s a Twitter account or a hashtag or an RSS feed

Curated Feeds

Using information from real people and automation, we’re continually updating the notification feeds to give you the latest alerts.

Web based management portal

Web based portal available for managing notifications and campaigns for corporate users

Public and private notification channels

Corporate uses can have a dedicated notification channel which is not available outside of their organisation.

Scheduled notifications

Repeating notification or notification campaign – you set your preferences e.g. daily, weekly or monthly at a certain time

Notification Expiry

All notifications have expiry times your list of notifications never gets too large or clogged up

Want your own business feed?

We can reliably deliver thousands of push notifications in real-time from our centralised platform. We give you the power to send push notifications that create value — and get results.

Would you like to be able to have a channel and notify your users in real-time? Contact us for more information.